Selecting and using picture books for Anzac Day

How can we use picture books connected to Anzac Day?

Anzac Day is a uniquely Australian (and New Zealand) commemoration of those who lost their lives in military and peacekeeping operations in which Australia has been involved. We have a rich range of literature to assist children with understanding its origins, significance and evolution over time. Great literature on the topic ranges from novels for older students to an incredible range of picture books written by some of Australia’s greatest authors and illustrators with a child audience in mind.

A topic like war can be seen as confronting for children but literature is an effective way to introduce and discuss aspects and events which, unfortunately, are evident not only part of our history but current context. Picture books are commonly shared around the time of Anzac Day each year, but there is much potential to work with these rich texts beyond just shared reading.

Many well-known Anzac Day picture books can be...

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