Top 7 Ways to Pamper with Poetry

Sharing to Pamper with Poetry

As all students and teachers will have returned to classrooms in New South Wales today, poetry can be an option for ensuring both students and teachers are pampered as they re-engage in classrooms and with each other. In fact, poetry can be used to pamper anyone at any time, particularly in times of uncertainty and even trauma.

Across the week, multiple poems can be shared for sheer joy and reflection. I have put together my Top 7 collections and individual poems for sharing as students embrace the school environment, reflect on remote learning and share their hopes for the future. All poems are available online and can be shared with a range of age groups. As with any text, it is important to read the poems several times to ensure they are appropriate for your school and context before sharing with students.

1. Round and Round by John Kitching is a joyful poem to celebrate the joy of interacting in the school setting particularly...

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Anzac Day Picture Books and Resources

Looking for books and ideas for Anzac Day?

Every year schools and communities commemorate Anzac Day on 25 April. One way to commemorate Anzac Day is through engaging with a range of literature. Before interacting with students, read books several times to decide if they are appropriate for their age and experiences. Consider how you might select a group of books and the sequence to read them in as some will provide background knowledge for other books. A carefully chosen selection may present different reactions to similar experiences or diversity of groups or individuals.

Take a look at this extensive list of picture books related to Anzac Day. Search your own collection or pass the list on to your librarian. I'm sure your librarian will locate available books. Alternatively, book shops currently have a range of these books at the moment, particularly those more recent publications.

Once you have selected a set of books to share with your students, explore these tips and...

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