Have you responded to the Draft NSW English 3-6 Syllabus?

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022

The draft of the NSW English 3-6 Syllabus is now available for consultation, however, responses are due by 2 May so there are only a few days remaining to have your voice heard. It is crucial that as many people respond as possible. Since the K-2 Syllabus, the 3-6 draft has been released with the English 7-10 Syllabus which is also available for consultation.

Development of the 3-6 English Syllabus was due to the NSW Curriculum Review (2020). As a result government priorities from the review include aspects such as developing increasing depth over time whilst also removing content considered more peripheral. When responding to the draft it is important to look through this lens and note the absence of important content relevant to this century and think about the depth and continuity across not only 3-6 but K-10.

To get you started Kathy Rushton and I have compiled a response. You are very welcome to read our thoughts and use any comments if you find them useful when forming your own response.

The online feedback form can be found on the NESA  site.


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