Grammar and Teaching

Grammar and Teaching Tuesdays 23 August - 29 November 2022

The next Grammar and Teaching course starts on Tuesday 23 August, 4-6pm through Zoom.

Grammar and Teaching has now been running for 20 years. Throughout this time many teachers have recognised the need to learn more about the grammatical features of texts. Familiarity with grammar is essential when using language for a range of purposes and supports students to develop reading and writing in all curriculum areas.

  • Explore those features of grammar necessary for students to master by the end of the middle years of schooling
  • Develop understandings of the grammatical concepts outlined in curriculum and  syllabus documents and in the writing component of NAPLAN
  • Define a pedagogy which includes the teaching of grammar in meaningful contexts relating to the subject matter of the curriculum

What you need to know:

  • 2 hours per week across 12 weeks
  • weekly readings
  • three tasks including a reading discussion, text analysis and sequence of lessons
  • interactive sessions with breakout rooms and a range of engaging  tasks.

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