Assessment Resource No 3

assessment resources Apr 11, 2021

Developing subject matter when composing texts

Often when assessing student writing, observations are made around aspects such as punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and vocabulary. By considering how subject matter or field is represented in a text we can apply a meaningful lens to language choices made and develop or adapt teaching and learning based on need.

By looking at a student work sample,  through the lens of the field or subject matter, choices at the clause and group level can reveal much about student skills but also needs and consequently the design of teaching. These questions assist in talking about subject matter and guiding discussion about language choice and function:

Who or what participants might be involved in what occurs? (noun group)

What kinds of processes, happenings or activities might occur? (verb group)

What circumstances might surround the the activities? (adverbial)

Assessment Resource No 3 builds upon Assessment Resource No 1 and Assessment Resource No 2., which look at a focus on assessment for learning (formative) and a way of designing assessment tasks for composing to further develop student writing. 

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