Assessment Resource No 2

assessment resources Mar 07, 2021

What's my purpose?

Have you ever wondered how to assess understanding of text purpose when looking at texts your students compose? Unpack what we mean by text purpose in a given context and link assessment to teaching.

Assessment Resource No 2 builds upon Assessment Resource No 1 which looked at a focus on assessment for learning (formative), and a way of designing assessment tasks for composing. 

Once we have implemented a task that shows what students are able to achieve, it is important that we view their texts through a range of lenses in order to design or adapt teaching and learning. In this resource, we focus on the purpose of composing texts and how analysis of an assessment task can give us insights into designing teaching and learning about text purpose beyond just discussing texts as imaginative, informative or persuasive.

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Assess through the lens of text purpose and adapt teaching and learning ideas across contexts. 

Assessment Resource No 3 is coming soon!



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